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Wide Game Studio, Founded in Kayseri, Received Investment from Kültepe Investment with a Valuation of 1.2 Million Dollars

Kültepe Investment Wide Game Studio investment news

Founded in Kayseri in 2019 , Wide Game Studio came to life with the coming together of a group of passionate friends. The team united and founded Wide Game Studio to develop virtual reality games. However, they initially needed a virtual reality headset. The team set out to Istanbul to acquire the first pair of glasses. They did project-based work to obtain the resources necessary to develop the project and spent this earnings on game development.

The team, which started to stay in the same house and develop games with a team of 12 people during the epidemic, developed the "Project: Pseudowar ," project during this period. They also developed applications such as VR School and VR Meeting to raise financial resources . Later, the team that developed Flare Frenzy developed a successful game in the field of virtual reality (VR) and made its first sales.

Wide Game Studio received a pre-seed investment with a valuation of 1.2 million dollars, led by Kültepe Investment , founded by investors from Kayseri . Additionally , Fatih Şahin and Vedat Çavuşoğlu, angel investors from Kayseri, also participated in this round.

The team, which plans to launch the game called HEX'O'CURA with this investment , will strengthen its goal of making its games available to a wider audience by growing further in the field of virtual reality games with the financial support provided by this investment.

The team, which is the first graduate of the Abdullah Gül University Pre-Incubation program, started its work under Wide Game Studio A.Ş. continues in the incubation office in AGU.

Ramazan Mert Ural, one of the founding partners of Wide Game Studio, said, "This investment is an important milestone on the way to achieving the growth targets of our company. We believe that we will start a new era in the virtual reality (VR) world with our new game HEX'O'CURA . With the support of Kültepe Investment ", we are one step closer to this goal." statements were included.

Kültepe Investment Chairman of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Ulukaya , said, "It has become very difficult for startups to receive investment lately. This situation is even more difficult for startups located in Anatolia. For this reason, we have provided funding to a total of 20 startups, regardless of sector, with the two funds we established in Kayseri. Wide "Game Studio is our third investment based in Kayseri. We celebrate the team's success and staying together through many challenges so far, and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey together, contributing to the further growth and development of the virtual reality world." It was said.



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