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Kültepe Investment: Technology Investment from Kayseri to Turkey

Kültepe Yatırım, Kültepe GSYF, Kültepe Fon,

June 1, 2021

Why was Kültepe Investment Established?

The first place where trade agreements were made in history is known as the Kültepe - Kaniş - Karum region, which is located in Kayseri and has a history of 6 thousand years. In this respect, we can say that Kayseri has a trade and entrepreneurship culture that it has taken from history. In today's sense, especially when it comes to technology-oriented entrepreneurship, trade and investment, Kayseri emerges as one of the important centers of the region.

Greenhouse Incubation Center and ERBAN Angel Investment Network, located within Erciyes Technopark in the region, have been making great contributions to new generation entrepreneurship since 2014. Considering the entrepreneurship ecosystem; It is seen that important stages such as entrepreneur, technology and innovation, angel investor, mentor pool, angel investment network have developed in Kayseri. Accordingly, a venture capital company was needed to take this forward and provide fast, flexible and necessary smart money support to startups within the ecosystem. Inspired by history, Kültepe Yatırım was established in Kayseri in 2019 as Anatolia's first venture capital company. Kültepe Investment continues its work to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem and new generation technology investment in Anatolia.

By Whom and How Was Kültepe Investment Established?

Kültepe Yatırım was established in 2019 as a joint stock company in partnership with 20 licensed angel investors and business people from Kayseri who are members of the ERBAN Angel Investment Network. 20 business people from Kayseri, who believe that the smart money support that enterprises need for rapid growth should be provided flexibly and quickly, have continued their support to Kültepe Investment since its establishment. Operating in many different national and international fields and sectors, from health to software, from energy to industry, from biotechnology to finance, from food to textiles, Kültepe Investment partners provide startups with the necessary knowledge, experience and capital for their rapid growth.

Business people from Kayseri who took part in the establishment of Kültepe Investment: Abdülhakim Coşkun (Prof. Dr.), Alper Tuna Elmacı, Alper Tuncer, Atilla Topaç, Enes Uğurlu, Faruk Sarıalp, Fatih Şahin, Harun Hasyüncü, İbrahim Ulukaya, Kadir Orhan Arı, Murat Başyazıcıoğlu, Murat Kantarcı, Murat Yıldız, Mustafa Başaran, Nuh Naci Geçyılmaz, Oğuz Uğur, Osman Gulduoğlu, Recep Tiritoğlu, Tevfik Gemici and Vedat Çavuşoğlu.

In the board of directors of Kültepe Investment, where İbrahim Ulukaya is the chairman of the board; Abdülhakim Coşkun, İbrahim Ulukaya, Osman Gulduoğlu, Tevfik Gemici and Vedat Çavuşoğlu. Abdurrahman Çam is the General Secretary.

What is the benefit of Kültepe Investment to the region?

The investment ecosystem in Turkey is growing day by day. In 2020, $120 million worth of investments were made in 132 startups. 7 of these startups received investments of more than $5 million. There were 6 startups that received 2 investments in one year, and Kültepe Yatırım participated in the PackUpp investment tour, one of these startups. It is seen that the amount and number of investments made in 2020 increased compared to previous years. (StartupCentrum 2020 Türkiye Investment Report)

Kültepe Investment invests in technology-focused startups. In this context, it ensures that technology-focused initiatives exist in the region and that existing qualified initiatives are supported. With Kültepe Investment, technology-focused startups in Anatolia quickly access the capital, knowledge and connections they need. This contributes to the development of technology and ecosystem in the region. In addition, investments in Istanbul-based enterprises, transferring technology and production to the region and enabling R&D and prototype development studies are among the contributions made to the region.

Kültepe Investment partners and also our investors have the opportunity to discover the future of the relevant sector, technology and innovations by listening to startups at the entrepreneur-investor meeting events held at least once a month.

In Which Enterprises Does Kültepe Investment Invest?

While Kültepe Investment invests in technology-focused enterprises, it does not differentiate between sectors among these enterprises. In this context, investments are made in startups from all fields that focus on technology and can scale quickly. At this point, initiatives that are in the early stage and seed stage are prioritized. Early stage startups refer to startups that have potential, can scale quickly, and may not yet be incorporated. The seed stage can be defined as enterprises that are more incorporated and generally have a prototype ready for production and have issued their first invoice.

Which Enterprises Has Kültepe Investment Invested In?

Kültepe Investment started its active investments in 2020 and has 5 investments in its portfolio. These; ART Labs, Batron Enerji, PackUpp, Startupfon



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