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Kültepe Investment, Attended the Erciyes Summit

Kültepe Investment ; Erciyes Technopark and Central Anatolia Development Agency took part in the "Summit Erciyes 2024 Summit of Those Investing in the Future" held in Erciyes Mountain in cooperation with the company. Kültepe Yatırım, which supported the event as a sponsor, also took part in the panel.

Dr. Ayşe KUYRUKÇU Moderated by Which Investment Instrument? Vedat Çavuşoğlu from Kültepe Investment, Mehmet Buldurgan from Company Partner Melek Investment Network, Damla Ilıca from Startupfon, Kemal Payza from Fonbulucu and Yavuz Kuş from Fonangels attended the (Share Based Crowdfunding, GSYF, Angel Investment) panel. Angel investing, crowdfunding and venture capital funds were mentioned in the panel. Additionally, investment criteria, advantages and investment practices were evaluated.



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