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Kültepe Investment Added Colendi to Its Portfolio

Kültepe Yatırım added Colendi to its portfolio.

Kültepe Investment continues to strengthen its commitment to the power and future of financial technologies. In this context, Kültepe Investment added Colendi , one of the leading enterprises of our country and democratizes banking-related processes, to its portfolio.

Colendi develops technologies in the field of financial technologies and has also expanded its activities in areas such as digital banking and insurance. In the past months, BBDK approved the establishment of Colendi Bank with a capital of 2 Billion TL. News

As Kültepe Investment, we believe that financial technologies and initiatives in this field will grow and develop day by day. Considering that digital transformations in many areas have made good progress in the banking field and will progress further, we will continue to make investments in this field.



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