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Colendi, which is in our portfolio, received investment with a valuation of 700 million dollars

Colendi received an investment of $65 million at a valuation of $700 million in the Series B investment round, in which Citi Ventures, Sepil Ventures, Re-Pie Asset Management, Finberg, Migros and Hedef Holding, as well as existing investors, participated .

With this investment, Colendi will support its mission of becoming an important digital banking institution across EMEA, GCC and Turkic Republics. Colendi also shared its goals of becoming a unicorn by reaching a valuation of $1 billion by raising over $150 million in investment through the Series C investment round by the end of the year.

Colendi plans to be ready for public offering both domestically and abroad by 2026. London stands out for its public offering abroad.

Colendi, which has more than 17 million users in Turkey, aims to reach 1 billion users and plans to expand in countries with large populations such as Pakistan and Indonesia.

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