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100 Million TL New Fund from Kültepe Investment to Startups

Kültepe Investment will continue its investments with Kültepe Venture Capital Investment Fund

Kültepe Investment established a fund of 100 million TL

Founded in 2019 by 20 business people from Kayseri to invest in startups, Kültepe Investment completed 2021 by investing in 10 startups. In 2022, investments were made in and Medialyzer initiatives. A follow-up investment was made to the Art Labs and Vahaa initiatives in the portfolio. In the last 2 years, more than 1400 startups were screened and second stage interviews were held with approximately 500 startups. 6 of the companies in the portfolio continued to grow by receiving follow-on investments in a short period of one year.

Focusing on the establishment of a venture capital investment fund in 2022, Kültepe Yatırım; It will make its new investments from the newly established fund. While Kültepe Yatırım evaluates startups that have reached the prototype stage, Kültepe VCIF aims to invest in the seed, post-seed or Series A stages.

Kültepe Yatırım and İstanbul Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. Work on establishing the "Kültepe Venture Capital Investment Fund" and CMB activity approval were completed in September. Kültepe VCIF, which is targeted to exceed 100 million TL in size; It will invest in technology companies that have passed the idea stage and have the ability to generate turnover. The fund aims to invest in 15 start-up companies with the potential to operate globally and grow in the next 4 years.

Kültepe Investment Chairman of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Ulukaya, regarding the subject:

“After Kültepe Investment, we aim for Kültepe VCIF, which is a new beginning for Kayseri and Anatolia, to exceed 100 Million TL. As fund managers and partners, we take responsibility and provide 20 million TL to our fund. We will invest in technology-based companies regardless of sector.

We use the experience and momentum we gained at Kültepe Investment to expand our current structure and bring all our investors together with new generation technology investment in a transparent manner and with CMB approval. We believe in the power of Anatolian capital. We set out to make this fund a legacy and a pioneer for Kayseri and Anatolia in the future. We are aware that our responsibility is great. A strong generation is coming that is open to innovation and quickly adapts to technology. As a fund, we will strive to ensure that Turkey has a say in technology by providing resources to innovative initiatives.

We aim to shift some of the traditional investments towards technology investments and we are happy to lead this. “As with our previous investments, we will continue to invest in technology-focused startups with global growth potential.”



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